Fred the white pelican

Fred the White Pelican


The story of Fred

Meet Fred!  Fred is an enormous American White Pelican that was brought to FWMA in 2013. Fred was a very young bird who was starving and loaded with parasites. He was found in the swamp without any other white pelicans around to help him hunt for fish. It appears as though Fred may have been raised by humans as he seems extremely habituated. Fred will be our newest (and biggest!) member of our education team.


How your donation helps Sponsor an Animal funds are used to provide a month of animal care, enrichment, diets, and habitat upkeep.  For a pelican these expenses are about $50 each month.


Diet: Goggle eye (fish) and herring.

Supplements: Osteoform (strengthens bones) and vitamins.

Habitat: A pool with sand surrounding it and large perching; cleaned daily.


Sponsorship for Fred: $50 per month

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Did you know?

  • White pelicans do not plunge for food like brown pelicans, rather they hunt together to circle groups of fish and scoop them from the water.
  • They nest in colonies, and the nesting sites can be up to 30 miles away from their foraging grounds.
  • They are the second largest bird in the United States.
  • Their wingspan can be 10 feet long!