Frodo the white tailed deer

Frodo deer

The Story of Frodo

Frodo came to us from Tiger Hammock in Crawfordville where a good Samaritan captured him after he noticed the young fawn running into everything in his yard. His face and ears were covered in ticks, he was dehydrated and very thin. It became clear that both eyes were cloudy and he was probably blind.

As Frodo gained his strength, he was strong enough to see Dr. Guhrt for an evaluation. He made an appointment with Dr. Chandler at The Animal Eye Clinic in Tallahassee. Frodo’s cataract surgery went very well as he sucked down two bottles of milk and started to nibble on some feed when he got home. He continues to improve daily and started playing, jumping and twisting in the air like every other happy fawn.

Though Frodo can now see, he will always be farsighted and unfortunately they don’t make glasses for deer!


How your donation helps

Sponsor an Animal funds are used to provide a month of animal care, enrichment, diets, and habitat upkeep. For a White Tailed Deer these expenses are about $100 each month.


Diet: Sweet feed, deer pellets, fruit and vegetables, salt block, hay.

Supplements: Mineral block.

Habitat: Fenced area covering one acre.  Has pine shavings and hay; cleaned daily.


Sponsorship for Frodo: $100 per month

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Did you know?


  • White Tailed Deer can run up to 30 miles an hour and leap 10 feet up.
  • They are the smallest of the North American deer families.  (Key deer are a subspecies of White Tailed Deer.)
  • Bucks shed their antlers after fall and winter rut is over.