Precious the great horned owl


The story of Precious

Precious is our very vocal Great Horned Owl that likes to have things his own way. Let’s face it, he’s a diva! Arriving at FWMA as just a fluff ball in 2011, Precious had suffered a serious fall from the nest with a badly broken femur. He had a pin put in his leg when he was just a week old. Unfortunately while the bad leg was healing he compensated by walking on the good leg at an angle and caused permanent disfigurement. The original broken leg is perfect! I would love to say we have trained him well to do our education programs but I think he has trained us!


How your donation helps

Sponsor an Animal funds are used to provide a month of animal care, enrichment, diets, and habitat upkeep.  For a Great Horned Owl these expenses are about $50 each month.


 Diet:  Bird of prey food.

Supplements:  Osteoform (strengthens bones) and vitamins.

Habitat:  Nest box lined with pine straw; also has perching and gravel.  Cleaned daily.


Sponsorship for Precious:  $50 per month

Sponsor Precious         Sponsorship program details


Did you know?

  • A Great Horned Owl’s “horns” are actually just tufts of feathers called plumicorns.
  • They are the most common owl in both North and South America.
  • These birds have a voracious appetite and have been known to eat prey as large as striped skunks and raccoons.


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