Sponsorship details

How does the program work?

Select the animal you want to sponsor, then use the Donate button in the upper right to send your donation. Email choppaotta@aol.com with your name, donation amount and the animal you want to sponsor. In return, we will email a personalized Certificate of Sponsorship to you. It features a picture and the unique story of the animal you selected, along with facts about the species. The certificate size is 8 ½” x 11’’ and is suitable for framing.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

How do I make this sponsorship a gift to someone?

When emailing your details, simply provide us with the name and email address of the person you designate as the recipient. We will email the certificate directly to the recipient.

What does my donation pay for?

Between 6% and 8% of the animals that are rehabilitated at FWMA cannot be returned to the wild due to the severity of their illness or injuries. Many are placed in permitted wildlife nature centers and zoos throughout the state and are used in educational exhibits or programs. Those animals that we cannot find placement for are given a safe haven at FWMA where they become both wildlife ambassadors and the stars of our animal sponsorship program.

Sponsor an Animal funds are used to provide a month of animal care, enrichment, diets, and habitat upkeep for the animal you have chosen. Donation levels are based on the average monthly costs of providing basic care for each species, which varies based on their nutrition and habitat requirements. For example, a large animal such as a deer costs more to feed than a woodpecker.

Why are monthly donations important?

The ongoing daily care of the wild animals is our biggest expense. An automatic monthly donation is a convenient way for you to help ensure the basic animal needs are met, and they also cut down on administrative costs which means that your contribution goes that much further to help the animals.

If you choose to make automatic monthly donations, check the “recurring donations” box next to the donation amount that you enter on the payment form. To stop automatic donations any time after that, just email FWMA and we will immediately cancel your subscription.

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